Tuesday Evenings on the Sword Coast

On the Road to Nightstone

On the Trade Way between Waterdeep and Daggerford, there sits a crossroads inn where the road forks off to Nightstone. Our heroes had traveled from all around the Sword Coast with varying reasons to reach Nightstone, and took off as a group to make the last day’s journey.

As they walked through the hills toward town, they began to hear a bell ringing erratically. Coming down out of the foothills, they could see no activity in the town, and could see that the bridge between the town and Nandar Keep had been destroyed. There were many footprints headed north out of town as they approached the drawbridge, but curiosity piqued, they decided head into town.

There were a pair of wargs in the town square, which they dispatched fairly easily by taking up refuge in the guard towers near the drawbridge and assaulting the wargs from the tops of the towers.

They found many boulders strewn about the town square and could see many buildings smashed around them. In the middle of the town square was a divot, as if a memorial or something had been removed.

They then went to the temple to investigate the bell’s incessant, but extremely cacophonous ringing.

Vark.jpgIn the temple, they found Breedo and Vark, a pair of goblins, gleefully taking turns swinging from the bell rope. Breedo didn’t survive the interruption of his fun, but the group kept Vark alive.

Ptahmin attempted to interrogate Vark by getting philosophical, by noting how he and the goblin were of a kind, both outcasts in a world of civilized beings. Vark, unfortunately, was not the sharpest tool in the shed, and his eyes glazed over, almost mesmerized by Ptahmin’s intelligent discourse… or at least the two out of every three words he understood of it.

Ptahmin asked about the stone, working on the theory that the Nightstone was what had been removed from the town square. Vark knows about stones. Grey ones, brown ones, green ones covered in moss…

Hedge laughed, and switched to the goblin’s own language, asking about the large black stone in the center of town. He asked perhaps if the goblin chief knew anything about it.

Vark was happier to converse (alas, poorly) in his native language, but knew nothing of a black stone. Unfortunately, bringing up the poor fellow’s chief reminded him of what fate awaits him if he’s found cavorting with the enemy, and this slowed his response until he was reminded what fate befell his friend, Breedo.

It was about this point that Hedge had a brainstorm: Perhaps the rocks weren’t thrown by trebuchets, but maybe by giants? The rocks were about the right size… but then he realized that while he didn’t see tracks made by siege engines on his approach to town, he also didn’t see the footprints of giants.

sktkella.jpgGilraen and Kanut grew tired of interrogating goblins, and at this point they thought the best plan was to explore the inn and the trading post in search of ale. In the Inn, they found a goblin looting the larder, who attempted to get away but was too weighed down by her sack full of frying pans and pantry staples to get far. Upstairs, as they split up to check the four rooms, Kessa found a woman huddled behind the bed in what’s left of her room. Kella Darkhope explained that she had been in town when the town was attacked, and she hid here while the rest of the townspeople ran.

Our heroes were pretty sure she was hiding something, but couldn’t discern what. Further interrogation told them how the town was attacked— cloud giants blew in on a flying citadel and they took the Nightstone from the center of town. The heroes offered to remove the offending goblins from the town, and ensured Kella was armed before she returned to hiding.

Tressym_FRCS2e.gifAs the group explored the town, they found a farmhouse where the farmer had been impaled under a rock, and Gilraen recognized the name on the farmhouse. She had a package from Hal Southwell to deliver to his sister, Semile, who was likely to be found under that boulder.

Exploring the trading post yielded only small amounts of ale but some useful equipment. Slowly, our heroes cleaned out the goblin scourge from the town. The only other creature they found in the town was a terrified tressym that bolted its home to perch atop a windmill. We broke for the evening with Hedge trying to coax the tressym down from its perch, having cleared the goblin scourge from the town.


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