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from Nightstone

- Triboar

- Brin Shander


immediately after chasing off the bad guys (bugbears & goblins & giants, oh, my!)

IMMEDIATE – After interrogation, you’ve determined that Ogg the Hill Giant knows very little. Very little. From what you can piece together, it appears that the giants are led by a real big giant called Guh, and they live in a place called Gruud Haug. Nobody appears to know where Gruud Haug. Ogg says he’s willing to lead you there.

ACCEPT – Shalvus Martholio, the shepherd, is looking to get to the Bargewright Inn. He’s quite effusive, pointing out how you guys beat down two hill giants and the town wouldn’t have survived without you! You’d certainly get him there in one piece!

DEFER - Lifferlas, the awakened tree, slowly intones that this is the second giant attack in a few weeks. Someone should consult Aerglas, the druid that created him. Aerglas has fought the giants before and might have some insight as to what’s going on here. Shadowtop Cathedral – navigate from Desserin North through Sumber Hills, toward the High Forest

ACCEPT - Zi Liang, the acolyte of Chauntea: She notes that she’s from one of the more wealthy trading families of Baldur’s Gate, and she wishes to reward you for helping you out. She hands you a black pearl pendant, and says that if you bring that to Cauldar Marskyl at House Thann in Waterdeep, he will recognize the pendant and give you the gift.

NOTE - Miros Xelbrin, the inkeep thanks you again for bringing the information about his parents. He says that if you’re ever in town, you stay for free at his inn. He also suggests that if you’re ever in Amphail, to look up Arleosa Starhenge, and if “give his regards” to her, you should be set there, as well.

ACCEPT - Naxene Drathkala, the sage is sure that this is just the beginning. Two attacks in short order can’t be random, and she’s heard ‘rumblings’ that other settlements have been similarly impacted. She has some ideas, though… Waterdeep – Jasouth Yarghorn (dragon expert)

ACCEPT - Oren Yogilvy, the halfling bard, is spooked by these rumors. He hands you a note and asks that if you happen to find yourselves in Daggerford, to please deliver it to his sister Lily. She works at the Happy Cow tavern there.

current obligations tasks quests

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