I came from a simple life. A life that most little girls would dream about. My mama took care of my sisters and me, the house, and daddy whenever he came home. She taught us the same way she was taught – by showing us how to cook, clean, care for each other. I’m the eldest and my mama always said there was something great in store for me. Mama always wanted adventure, she thought she’d have it when daddy married her, but she was destined to be a housewife.

Daddy was a knight. He fought and went on great adventures. When he came home he would tell us stories, filling our heads with beautiful images from far off lands. I always wanted what he had, I was so envious of those adventures, but he said they were not for me.

I always wanted to run away for adventure knowing I could be so much more than a common house wife. As the urge to leave rose as I came closer to age when the talk about who I’d marry became louder and louder.

I never did find out who I’d have to marry. My village was attacked one day by something I never got to see. Daddy went out and fought. I snuck out to watch him but I never saw that monster’s face. He fought so bravely but unfortunately, he didn’t come back. I helped mama get my sisters to safety before going to find his body. His broken dagger left behind I picked it up as a reminder of where I came from.

That night I left, building myself up along the way fighting for those who couldn’t fight for themselves. I know what it feels like. I now feel in my element, fighting, being among the great stories told to me.



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